Phycoremediation technology

Phycoremediation is the use of macro-algae or micro-algae ( BIOREMEDIATION) for the removal or biotransformation of pollutants, including nutrients and xenobiotics from wastewater and CO2 from waste air.
What are algae?
A group of aquatic, most primitive photosynthetic organisms ranging from unicellular to multicellular forms and generally possess chlorophyll but lack true roots, stems and leaves characteristic of terrestrial plants.
What is special about micro-algae?
The green-cell factories of microalgae tackle simultaneously more than one problem, a solution not capable by conventional chemical processes. That is, for example, problems such as pH correction, sludge removal, TDS reduction, BOD and COD removal, etc. can be handled simultaneously by micro-algal treatment (phycoremediation), whereas in conventional methods, separate methods or stages of treatments are used

Advantages of algae based technology

We can effectively manage a wide range of industrial effluents to achieve the following:

1. Reduction in COD, BOD

2. Reduction in Sludge

3. More than 90% reduction in operation costs

4. Less space requirment and no chemicals are used

Industrial projects

phycorePHYCORE : Algae Power: A joint technology implementation programme between CORE BIOTECH, Colombia and Phycospectrum, India, has been initiated with the successful installation of a 20 KL integrated tanks system (Pilot demonstration plant) at Pacific Rubiales oil drilling site near Bogota to treat petrochemical wastewater by employing micro algae. After running the pilot facility succsssfully it is being scaled up to handle 300,000 barrels of effluent water every day!


Dr V Sivasubramanian with CORE team at Pacific Rubiales pilot plant, Colombia

Dr V Sivasubramanian and his team has implemented algae based bioremediation technology in industries in India and abroad. pH correction, sludge reduction/removal, BOD and COD reduction have been achieved through Phycoremediation. MORE


SNAP ETP Plant - 100 reduction in sludge. pH correction


Effleunt from a leather processing chemical industry. Sludge reduction and BOD, COD removal


Effluent from a detergent factory - pH correction and sludge removal


Chrome sludge from electroplating industry- Effective reduction of sludge and production of valuable algal biomass


Textile dyeing industry effluent - Colour removal and sludge reduction with algal technology


Textile dyeing effluent - Effective colour removal and reduction of TDS and sludge


Textile dyeing effluent - Effective colour removal, BOD and COD reduction - Sludge reduction by algae based technology


Effluent from a bioenergy industry - Colour removal, 95% redcution in COD and BOD acheived through algae based technology


phycore Colombian JVwith PERC