Consultancy for industrial effluent treatment

Dr V Sivasubramanian is specializing in Algae based Research & projects relating to Industrial Effluents Treatment, Municipal Sewage Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Algal Biomass Utilization and CO2 & NOx Mitigation by its Phycoremediation Techniques. R&D Objective

For consultancy on algaebased remediation, bio-fuels and CO2 mitigation

 Dr V Sivasubramanian Director - Tech


52 A, A K Block, 7th Main road, (click here for location map), Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040, India

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Phone: 91 044 26208896

Mobile: 91 9677144453 ; 9381487310 ;9600116316

Industrial projects

Dr V Sivasubramanian and his team has implemented algae based treatment technology in industries in India and abroad. pH correction, sludge reduction/removal, BOD and COD reduction have been achieved through Phycoremediation MORE